Live Spirits - Make You Feel Better

Climb Any Mountain

Make You Feel Better

Let All Live

What If

Keep On Waiting


Forever Or Never

Into Peaces


Turning Me On

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Andrea Gelsinger.


Du & Dein Tattoo




Komm her


Wien bei Nacht




Ich träume von Dir

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DaLenz - Schwoazweis

ois oda goa nix

geh weg


o sole mio

de oide frau



dei bligg

vagis ned

mei schdod

so schbüüd des leem

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Gelsinger. - Alles in Bewegung


Lass mich jetzt geh´n

Alles in Bewegung


Sag´s einfach

So leicht

Land in Sicht

Wir sind nicht gecastet

Um Dich bestellt

Hier ist mein Revier


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Wolf Myer Orchestra - Femme Fatale

Soulgate (featuring Lilith)

Get Up (featuring Roia)

Quicksand (featuring Nika Zach)

Caught (featuring Rebecca Kolland)

Flowers (featuring Gabriella Hänninen)

Is It Me? (featuring Lilith)

Silent Tango (featuring Nika Zach)

Hell (featuring Gabriella Hänninen)

Illusionary Waves (featuring Kristina Lindberg)

Face The Future (featuring Gabriella Hänninen)

Bittersweat (featuring The Dining Rooms)

Funky Bastard (featuring Lilith & HPRC)

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The Freedom Warriors feat. Hubert Tubbs -

And Nothing But The Truth




Feel Alone

Use Me

Message To The White House

I Believe

So Proud So Shy


Acid House

Phunck You

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Live Spirits

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

He´s Got The Whole World

Change The World

For Your Love

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Up Where We Belong


How Deep Is Your Love


Tears In Heaven

Go Down, Moses

You´ve Got A Friend

Endless Love

Happy Day

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Frederic - Wir sind cool

Wir sind cool



Himmel Nr. 7

Sir Voyeur

Hey komm

Da neie Beruf




Flüster´ mir was ins Ohr


Der letzte Wolf

Du selbst

Steig ein in Dein Leben

Deine Liebe


Die gute Fee


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Various Artists - Augen sehen Töne

Baum, Danzer, Theessink u.v.a. - Augen sehen Töne

Aendiaena - Climb Any Mountain

Kurt Ostbahn - I geh jetzt fisch´n

Easy Guitars - Browsing In The Sixties

Bluatschink - Lisa

Lucy In The Sky - Hey Daddy

Hans Theessink - Power Of Love

Smart Import - Hold On Me

Die Väter - Was is´ in Deinem Herz

Danzer/Bäer/Baum - Where Have You Been

Danzer/Bäer/Baum - Mei Leb´n

Danzer/Bäer/Baum - Kea vua da eiganan Tia

Gandalf - Just For You

Loose Lips - Words

Music Company Austria - My Eyes Can See The Sounds

Blue Chip Handicapped Orchestra - Shambala

Live Spirits - Live Spirits At The Landgraf

Across The Universe

If You Leave Me Now


I´ll Be Over You

Eye In The Sky

How ´Bout Us

Nowhere Man

Sorrento Moon

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Walking In Memphis

One Of Us

Get Here


Harvest For The World

Man In The Mirror

That´s What Friends Are For

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Erich Lindenthaler - Doing Some Rock‘n‘Roll

I Can Really Rock

Checkin‘ Up

Big Fat Mama With The Golden Pyjama

Miss Lorraine

Waiting On You

First Time Love

Shine On

I Will

Got A Mojo

Look, Look, Look

Watch The Sky

Why Can´t You See

Swear Mama

Nothing But The Blues Is Gonna Turn Me On

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Live Spirits - Live Spirits @ Remembar

Arthur's Theme

As Long As


Half A Minute

Into My Song

Baker Street

Into Pieces

Your Spirit Will Never Die

What If

Baby, Come To Me

Will You Be There

The Man

Easy Lover

Let All Live

Under Water

Turning Me On

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Live Spirits - Love Through Our Music

Love Through Our Music

Following The Light

Night Shift

As Long As

Absolute Beginners

We've Got Tonight.mp3

Into My Song

Under Water

Listen To The Music

Love Is In The Air.mp3

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

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Erich Lindenthaler - Finger Licking Fine

Finger Licking Fine

You Say You Love Me

Hey John

Hear The Blues

Blue Eyed Woman

Hop On Top

My Baby Don´t Care


The Honk

Big Freight Train

Miss Loraine

Why Can´t You See

Alright Again

Finger Licking Fine (sax version)

Shine On

Fooled Man Blues

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Erich Lindenthaler - Morzgerstraße 36

Come uno tsunami

Big Fat Mama With the Golden Pigiama

Die Ballade vom einsamen Hansi

Druckt und tretn

Wos gestan woa

Sog ma die Woaheit

Oiwei Sonntag


Little Darling Blues

Blue Eyed Woman

Nothing But the Blues Is Gonna Turn Me On

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Aendiaena - ae

Heading For Another Day


Love & Understanding

Keep On Waiting

I Only Want You

I Watched You Pray

Climb Any Mountain

Boat On A River.mp3


Right Out Of Here

You Are My Man

All I´ve Ever Wanted

Live Spirits

Shine A Light On - Single

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